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Sustainable IT Advisory


We believe comprehensive "Sustainable IT" practices to be differentiating for an IT organization

  • Acting sustainably has become essential for economic business success with IT being a decisive factor
  • We envision differentiating “Sustainable IT” practices to go beyond resource efficiency including IT measures to sustainably ensure a business’s strategic agility and operational resilience
  • We belief in the increasing relevance and differentiation potential of comprehensive “Sustainable IT” practices
  • We leverage on our experience to advise on IT practices to sustainably navigate an IT landscape along its lifecycle


We advise via the following services leveraging on the sunavIT framework

  • Facilitating the sunavIT framework evolution including a co-creation and experience sharing community of interested parties to jointly evolve the sunavit framework.
  • Advising, coaching and educating based on the sunavIT framework including opportunity assessment, sustainable IT strategy elaboration, framework enablement and adoption


We use the sunavIT framework to structure, communicate, share, and apply IT practices for sustainability

  • The sunavIT framework serves as the foundation to capture and share experiences and practices
  • sunavIT

    (sustainably navigating IT sunavit.org)

    sunavIT framework
    sunavIT is a managed toolbox of IT practices for sustainability organized into 6 domains
  • sunavIT is co-created and evolved within a community of likeminded people


We leverage on our experience to advise on IT practices to sustainably navigate an IT landscape along its lifecycle.

  • We leverage on our comprehensive experience in architecting and managing large IT landscapes
  • We are passionate about practices to craft IT in a way to sustainably enable and protect business success
  • We like to share and co-create with likeminded people to jointly drive the topic as thought leader
  • We feel rewarded by having impact

Andrej Vckovski

Software entrepreneur and programmer, advisor and challenger. Passionate about pragmatic yet innovative approaches towards controlled complexity in a digitally driven world.


Tobias Murer

Senior technologist experienced in enterprise architecture, engineering, strategy, and management of application and technology portfolios. Passionate about co-creating with smart people to drive a healthy technology portfolio optimized for sustainable business success.

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